Unity Sand Ceremony
6 Piece Set

6 piece set!

The heart unity sand ceremony is another way to make a sand ceremony even more meaningful. The third third vase adds another symbolic element to this event. Incorporate your officiant, child or perhaps the third vase might be used to represent your shared spiritual beliefs.

This 6 piece set includes a heart shaped bottle with glass stopper, 2 large and 1 small vases with heart shaped openings, and 1 metal display stand.

Personalize the vases for an additional $12.98! The personalization fee will be added to your cart if you select to personalize.

Personalize as follows:
Left Vase single initial (bride)
Center Vase 3 initial Monogram and Ceremony Date in format 01.03.09
Right Vase single initial(groom)
Additional Vase single initial.

You may select to personalize below in the drop down menu

Be sure to view our variety of sand colors, simply type "sand" in the search box.

Note: The central bottle will accommodate approximately 3 lbs of sand.

Suggested Sand Ceremony directions:

The Groom will commence by pouring a portion of his sand into the central glass vase.

The Bride will follow by pouring a portion of her sand into the central vase. This creats a layered effect and looks nice with multiple sand colors.

The additional loved one, children, or special person will then pour a portion of sand into the central vase.

To complete the ceremony, the Groom and Bride simultaneously pour the balance of their sand into the central container.

Following the wedding, the outside vases can be used to display fresh flowers while the central vase will remain a cherished keepsake of your wedding day.

Heart Shaped Bottle with Glass Stopper measures 7"
2 Large Heart Vases 9.75"
Small Heart Vase 8.5"
Metal Stand 4.5"

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